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Change Management | Coaching

As Prosci certified change facilitator I help organizations, leaders, teams and people create a future that works.

How? By helping to design organizations to serve business goals, creating a strong, healthy culture and coaching leaders and teams toward their best possible performance.

If you want to learn more about how I can support your organization, drop me a line at or call +32 476 991 776

About me


Welcome! My name is Sabine.

Prosci certified change facilitator, certified Barrett's Culture Consultant and team coach.

I spent the first half of my career in marketing and communication roles in which my job was to tap into what makes people tick, as consumers and employees. But I was always most fascinated by people in organisations. Given the opportunity, I’d be in with the HR- and leadership teams working on how culture and communication could support business strategy, organizational transformation or employee engagement.

I have deep experience in change management culture transformation, coaching and HR- and internal communication as an enablers for business. Over the course of my career I have lead M&A-, culture change, leadership enablement and HR communication projects for Goodyear, Weight Watchers, General Motors (Opel), CSC, DSM and the Goodman Group.

Today I partner with people and organizations in journeys of personal, professional and organizational transformation.

My goal? To help people, teams and organisations reach their full potential. To build organisations with strong, healthy cultures that encourage people to use their full potential and leads to better business. In short: to help people and organisations thrive.


  • October 11, 2022

    Seven crucial skills in times of business transformation

    The fact that the world of work is changing radically and irreversibly since the outbreak of COVID-19 has been repeated ad infinitum. Every company is going digital and the revolution is reaching even the most traditional sectors, forcing organizations to rethink everything from their business models to organizational structures. But […]

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    Five questions leaders need to ask themselves to become champions of change.

    Do you still remember learning to ride a bike as a kid? I do. I remember my dad taking the training wheels off my bike, which was – as your first bike usually is – too big for me. I remember the thrill of launching myself full steam down the […]

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  • November 30, 2020

    2020: the year we should rethink performance reviews.

    “Performance Review”. Two words that fill most employees with a sense of dread. Even more so this year, when most of us did the best we could in hastily assembled home-offices which, ten months later, we still occupy with little perspective on returning to some form of office normality. The […]

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