We are what we repeatedly do.

Organizations typically measure success in terms of outputs and outcomes, which are tangible and easy to measure.  But beneath the surface lie our values and beliefs – important elements that can make a real difference between success and failure.

Culture is the everyday reality of organizational life. It is very little about what we say, and very much about what we do.

A healthy culture can help optimize your performance and stimulate innovation and growth. Whether you just want to make your culture is more explicit, or you’re trying to shift it, we can help.

As Certified Barretts Values Practitioner, I can help you understand your current culture, its limiting factors and its potential, getting to the heart of what’s working and what’s not. I will help define the change goal and draw the map to get you there. And then I’ll help your organization step onto that new path with energy, enthusiasm and commitment to exploring and co-creating a big, bold, beautiful future.

“I came to see that culture isn’t just one aspect of the game, it is the game. In the end, an organization is nothing more than the collective capacity of its people to create value.”

– Louis Gerstner, former CEO IBM

How we work


We do a quantitative and qualitative deep-dive into your current culture to understand where you’re at today and what the desired culture amongst employees is


Together with your management teams, we look at which values and cultural aspects we can tackle to have the biggest impact on performance in your organization

Map the path

Together, we define objectives, develop the strategy and plan for change


We support with the development and implementation of culture change communication and programs