Toxic Leadership: the CEO as barometer of culture

In my job, not a day goes by that the topic of culture doesn’t enter the conversation. Inevitably, it also turns to the impact leaders have on culture. Interestingly, I’ve noticed that this comes up a lot more frequently at companies where leaders display destructive behaviours than at companies with inspirational, empowering leaders. What if there are suspicions of […]

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Seven crucial skills in times of business transformation

The fact that the world of work is changing radically and irreversibly since the outbreak of COVID-19 has been repeated ad infinitum. Every company is going digital and the revolution is reaching even the most traditional sectors, forcing organizations to rethink everything from their business models to organizational structures. But […]

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Not all mistakes are created equal

“Mistake”. It’s been a dirty word in business for many, many years. The last thing you ever wanted to have to say is: “I made a mistake”. I think it’s high time that we rethink that attitude. Mistakes are a natural part of learning or trying something new. A baby […]

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