Seven crucial skills in times of business transformation

The fact that the world of work is changing radically and irreversibly since the outbreak of COVID-19 has been repeated ad infinitum. Every company is going digital and the revolution is reaching even the most traditional sectors, forcing organizations to rethink everything from their business models to organizational structures. But […]

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Why you should sometimes do nothing.

How often do you take a step back to reflect on what you’ve experienced or learnt? I certainly don’t do it often enough. Until recently, I thought that doing nothing was the same as wasting time. My time was spent rushing. Rushing to work. Rushing to the next meeting. Rushing […]

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Dare to Dream!

How to start making your dreams come true. Isn’t it funny that I run a non-profit organization called “Dare to Dream” that aims to inspire girls in disadvantaged communities throughout Africa to realise their dreams, yet one of the scariest steps I’ve ever had to take is saying “Yes!” to […]

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